What is intimate anti-aging?
Wo can perform these treatments?
Is my privacy guaranteed?
If I’m interested, how can I schedule an appointment?
Am I examined by a female gynaecologist?
What happens during the consultation with the gynaecologist?
Why do I have to be submitted to tests?
What happens after the consultation with the gynaecologist?
Can I perform the treatments on the same day of the consultation with the gynaecologist?
What are radiofrequency, laser and electromagnetic stimulation?
How do these techniques work in the case of intimate anti-aging?
How are these treatments performed?
Can the treatments be combined?
Where are these treatments performed?
Who performs the techniques?
What are the results and when are they felt?
Is any preparation needed before treatment?
Are the treatments painful?
Are there any contraindications?
Do I have to interrupt my hormonal therapy or contraception?
When can I have sexual intercourse?
How many sessions are needed?
Are there any side effects?


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